Application of fractal mathematics in the computer programs allows the visualization of plunging into the infinitely detailed structure of the virtual world generated by the same mathematical laws as of the world of “reality.” This precious tool provides navigation through an infinitely complex resultant of time iteration of the simplest principle. Principle that the result feeds calculated values. It visualizes the geometry of interaction of propagation of space in duration of time. Fractal mathematics allows us to see the structure of infinity.

“We’ve all heard of the pirate treasure maps. In this case map is the treasure "
Arthur Clarke “Fractals – The Colors of Infinity”

By manipulating the space-time geometry, we are telling symmetrical fractal story of the universe, which unique self-similarity matrix is repeated in an infinite spectrum of its space-time dimensions.

Consequently, in which ever space-time direction do we move, we always perceive the same appearance of the Universe. Every moment of our duration and propagation is grasping the infinity.




Memory projection of the runner which propagates and lasts in constant accelerating surrounding is left in a frozen space-time loop without the expansion, i.e. the position without the flow of time and the genesis of space…

diagrammá kài bêma


In ancient Greek “diagrammá kài bêma” means “a diagram and step”, where step represents a step forward in the evolution of human knowledge. It is believed that it was motto of the Pythagoreans.