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23.07.2013. 09:01 - before 8 years The_proof

If the result of the product of zero and infinity is not defined then the system located within dimensions of their ideas has no definition. On a scale between zero and infinity, we establish the system. Universally valid definition of its geometry of motion proves its validity. We prove that the system is. We establish a platform for its unification.

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In presented animated geometry of abyss and source, independent of scale, each unique radius of present tends to equilibrium absorbing its future and transmitting its past. Hence, the laws of motion arise. The cause and the consequence of that dynamics is constantly accelerating expansion of the system. In any dynamic position of that growing vortex, dilated space over dilated time measures linear flow of time, constant acceleration (linear propagation of space), and constant referent speed. From referent one, the unique and dynamic now and here, front at which the beginning-less past and the endless future meet, reflection point where information transforms to memory, memory to information, velocity to its polarity – mass, mass to its polarity – velocity… the system measures constant radius. Thus, the system exists.

The background sound is a clip from the soundtrack “Symphonies of planets” recorded by NASA’s Voyager.

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sridattadev before 8 years

Dear Andrej,

Your proof beautifully describes that I have simply theorized as the universal truth.

Consciousness is a sphere of universal Schwarzschild radius (ranging from zero to infinity) with a central cosmological constant of the conscience or the singularity or the soul or the absolute (i), Universe is an iSphere. .

I can absolutely guarantee that your work will be recognized by everyone and I encourage you to incorporate the truth of
<a href=“http://sridattadev-theoryofeverything.blogspot.com/2010_01_01_archive.html”> zero = I = infinity </a> in it. I wish you all the very best.

Please see how <a href=“http://sridattadev-theoryofeverything.blogspot.com/2010/08/conscience-in-action.html”>I accelerate’s’.</a>


Andrej Rehak before 8 years

… therefore I exists :)
Dear Sridattadev
I just saw your post and enjoy reading your work.
Thank you.

sridattadev before 7 years

Dear Andrej,
Please check out the website, http://www.abcd-efg.com/everything.html , I have put together. I have incorporated a reference to your beautiful work in it.


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